Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 13

What's your word count?


  1. Friggin' Blogger going down yesterday sucked. Fortunately a good many of you posted your word counts on Twitter.

    As for me, I wrote 2K on Wednesday and 2K last night.

    @jenniferprobst: OK, tv time. Logged in 3746 words today. Not bad. #may50k

    @rawiyamikembl: 1873 between doing the night owl and now... #May50K. I'm over 23K

    Blogger is down I have 4060 for Wednesday! Will put it in once its up. :) #may50k

    @GiannaSimone: Broke 20K tonight on the WIP, with 3521 words on the day. I'm very pleased with that-that's the pace I want to keep. We'll see. #May50k

    @LaynaPimental: #may50k Finally got some writing in. Haven't been able to get in a word since last monday. Wrote 1k making my wip so far 12k.

  2. Yep, couldnt post last night, damn thing. 2090 today which brought me to 27065.

    I most likely will hit 30K later today as I aim to finish this story.

    @rawiyamikebl Twitter

  3. Wow Michael, that's awesome! I'm hoping to write another 2K tonight.