Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 22

I'm working tonight. Don't know how writers with day jobs get anything written, I find it nearly impossible to get words down on my work days.

What's your word count?


  1. Working with kids is really really hard when it comes to carving out time to write. It's either after 10pm, on my lunch hour, or on a day when I'm alone in the office. That's why these months of intensive writing work well for me. The time I do have MUST be spent writing out the story. Though I could use the peer pressure for editing too! lol

    Managed to squeeze out 2572 words on the day. Total is now over 42K. But it's late now, so I'm done.

  2. Yay Gianna!

    I got 2532 on 3 different projects so Im over 44K.

    That was my goal so I made it. Now to finish strong!


  3. Wow! Look at you two roll. 707 for the day for me.

  4. Great word count Michael! And on three projects! I thought I was multitasking working on 2! 707 is good, Chance, every little bit counts and gets you closer to the end! :)

  5. I managed to write 650 on Sunday, considering I didn't think I'd get any written, I'm ok with that, LOL