Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 24

What's your word count?


  1. I got 354 yesterday. I could have gotten more, but I ended up watching "The Voice" and I had a bunch of grading to do. Sigh. We're in the end of the term rush. Just try to get *something* everyday.

  2. I got 1527 yesterday. Im a tad over 47K. I really hope to make it past 50K by tomorrow. This has been really fun!


  3. I'm a day behind on reporting! Yesterday was a good day - 2000+ words (don't remember the exact number). Now over 46K total.

    Today, not as good, but I'll post that under the right day! :)

  4. I did 2K yesterday, but now it's 10:30, I've been at Book Expo America all day and I haven't written a thing!

    I want to write 2K now though. I'm at 40K and I *must* finish!