Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 23

What's your word count?


  1. 3363 for the day. Oh. My. God. I finally had a Shoshanna or Gianna day. I'm at the 20% mark of this WIP, closing in on 25%. I have never, not ever, had it just pour words like this. I'm scared to even say that out loud.

  2. Woot! Way to go! I did 2500 words for the day.

    Now you have to keep this momentum up, Chance - try to get words written every day, that's what's making it easier for you to write!

  3. WTG Chance! that's awesome!

    Also, congrats Shoshanna!

    I had 1963 on my new WIP!

    Brought my total to 46217.


  4. Trying again for yesterday - stupid Blogger wouldn't let me in all day!

    Rocking word counts, guys - awesome!

    Had 1898 on the day yesterday, and put me just over 44K. Got a late start though, so it kept the number lower than I was targeting. Hoping to make up for it tonight.