Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 25

What's your word count?


  1. Only 588 today - daughter's HS concert lasted 3 hours and all my brain can handle now is a couple glasses of wine and a few cigarettes. Just glad I squeezed that 588 in this afternoon, or it'd be a big fat 0! Tomorrow should be better, then I'm off on Friday and letting the kids sleep late so I can grab a few hours in the morning. May hit the 50K this weekend. I'm hoping, anyway!

  2. Ughhh--not looking good over here.

  3. Go Gianna!

    Ivanova, keep pushing.

    I had 1474 today which is great since I had final edits on my next pub story.

    Im a little over 49K. I should hit 50k shortly after midnight. The muses are really kicking me right now!

    Rawiyamikembl on Twitter


  4. 3305 for Wednesday!!!!! So pleased. Now have to suffer through two days of grading heck, so probably won't have nearly that word count. Also, my house is falling down around our ears after all this writing, so I better get something done in that arena too. Will still aim for some words today.