Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3

What's your word count?

UPDATE: I'm getting this weird Error 503 message when I try to comment today! Oh noes! If you try to comment and are unable, please email me at shoshanna.evers@ yahoo. com (no spaces) and I'll try and post your word counts.

As of 7pm my word count is zero for the day, but that will hopefully change once DS falls asleep.


  1. I haven't written one damn word on my manuscript - deadline 8/1/2011. But I did complete an interview for a German romance magazine and got started on four blog posts for my upcoming blog tour. I am so screwed....and not in a good way!

  2. Why don't you join me in this challenge? 8/1 will be here before you know it!

    Congrats on being in a German romance magazine :)

  3. I'm ending my day with 2883. Better than my first two days. Hopefully tomorrows count with be high too with both kids at school for the morning. My total so far is 5533. Not too bad and even a tiny bit ahead of schedule.

  4. I actually haven't written anything new today. Tweaked WIP for critique group tonight. My total is 2462 so far. I'm shot for the day.

  5. I wrote 2300 words tonight, for a total of 7800 on this WIP so far :)

    I've finished Chapter 3. I'm pretty sure I'm going to veer off the outline a bit now, we'll see.

    I'm glad I'm doing this May50K thing, because I was feeling really exhausted, and any other day I would have called it quits and gone to bed without writing at all. But I'm glad I got the words down!

  6. 5660. Not on my "official" WIP but on something shorter for an upcoming call. 5/15.

    "18K? Well, sure! I have a short that's around 5K, I'm sure I can flesh that out to 18K in a couple days to make that deadline. NO PROBLEM."

    Why do I always glom onto these things at the last minute?

  7. 956 for the day, all on my WIP. I sat down at midnight wanting to at least get *something* and ended up almost doing my own little 1K/1hr. Go me.

  8. 250. And I leave for a two-day roadtrip in a few hours. And I write longhand. Sigh.

  9. Big fat 0 for Tuesday! Too much noise and stress!