Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 6

What's your word count?


  1. People are doing a great job of posting their word counts on Twitter using the hashtag #may50K, but no one remembered to post their awesome wordcounts to the blog yesterday!

    @jenniferprobst 3500 words

    @rawiyamikembl 1452 words

    @EHepner 3086 words

    I saw some other Tweeple such as @hthurmeier and @deldryden commenting about #may50K but I didn't see the word count total.

    Everyone's doing great! Please post wordcounts on the blog for those people who aren't on Twitter!

    And if you're not on Twitter, I highly recommend it :)

  2. Did nothing at all yesterday, kids were all over me last night for some reason. But I'm at 1736 for today so far. Cranking in the office, of course, not getting my work done! lol

    Taking a break, then back to it after that. I really enjoyed the scene I did this morning, wasn't specifically planned, but it sets up for the next book in some ways. So that's good, cause it keeps me hungry to get the words down. I'll take it however I can - and hopefully make up today for lost time this week.

  3. I had big plans to write while DS napped, but I was trying to get everything set up so I can self-pub a free ebook in several formats on All Romance Ebooks. I think the crazy amount of of time and energy I'm putting into this will be better the next time around, since I'll have the main stuff set up.

    Now I have to wait for ARe to approve my account so I can send them my free read!

    And I'll just have to wait until DS goes to sleep tonight to get work done on this WIP.

  4. Another 1877 for a total of 3613 on the day. Have to go do more work, but hope to add even more tonight while I'm hanging out with a bottle of wine. DH and DD are both going to be out, so it's just me and he little guy.

  5. todays word count is 1446 :) All of them written after the kids are in bed. Now I need some sleep:)

  6. I'm at 1492 for the day. Not super great. Not terrible.

  7. I had zero words :( I couldn't write till DS fell asleep, and then I was so exhausted myself that I crashed at the same time.

    I want to make them up today, but I'm also working this weekend. My plan is to bring my computer up to my room, close the door, and get some writing time in while DH watches DS.

  8. May 6th 1149

    S.Lira aka Mike M/rawiya