Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1

It's here, May 1st!

Today I'll be starting a new 50K WIP, however you may choose to add 50K to a project, or to write several shorter works that add up to 50K, etcetera.

All I ask is that you comment on each post with your word count progress. So I might comment when I write 1K, and then if later in the day I add another 1K I'll update my total word count in the comments section.

I've decided to turn off the Captcha thing where you have to type the weird words so it will be quick and easy to come and comment with your word count.

If you have a problem or need a kick in the pants, ask for help! We'll all push you toward productivity :)

So, fellow authors, What's Your Word Count??


  1. Well, considering I am out of my comfort zone computer-wise, I managed to get close to 1K - but I'm done until tonight - gym, t-ball, groceries, church. I thought Sundays were supposed to be restful! Hope everyone's been able to grab some time today.

  2. That's great Gianna! I just woke up, LOL. But I have every intention of hiding myself away for a few hours today and getting this book off to a good start! Woot!

  3. I love this idea, Shoshanna. Maybe I can actually finish my WIP and get a new one started. I'm in constant need of a kick in the but! ;)


    PS-Coffee, then I'm going to get started.

  4. I decided to join you. I'm going to write 50K of reviews for my blog + my own fiction for May. Being able to count my blog stuff will motivate me to get as close to 1600 each day as I can. Oh and part of my May goal is enter the Harlequin Memorial day contest by the end of the month, so this is great timing.

    I LOVE this idea and thanks for organizing it Shoshanna.

  5. Great! Glad you're joining us! :)

  6. Well, I got a couple of hours to write this morning and managed to do some edits for Love and Lattes and write 1500 words on my wip. Not bad. Will try to get another 500 later today. Now it's off to spend some time with the family! Good luck to everyone on day 1!

  7. 1228--Short Story 1
    1149--long MS
    2377 for the day so far!

    Go Gianna and Heather!


  8. Wow Skylar, that's great!

    I got 1800 words in so far on my ms. I'm going to take a little nap now and try to get more written soon. :)

  9. 1043 on 1 WIP
    670 on another

    I think that is 1713?

    LOL I'm really happy about that considering I been asleep most of the day, damn sinuses!

  10. 3677 words today, though the last couple hundred really blew. I'll have to do some re-writing tomorrow, then crank out another thousand to keep up

  11. Wow, everyone kicked butt today!

    Diana, may I suggest moving forward instead of re-writing? You can always edit what you've written in June...

    I just got home from seeing a movie, and now I'm going to write more.

  12. OK - 1563 for today. You all are putting me to shame!

  13. Added just over another 1100 words, for a total of 2190 on the day. Not a bad start, I'm pleased with that.

  14. I wrote my whole first chapter today, 2871 words!

  15. Yesterday I wrote about 250 words. Life has really bad timing.

  16. Just went and removed 200 words from what I wrote yesterday. Going to need to play major catch up.

  17. 1604 was my official end count for yesterday. Just got started for today and the Empress is home w/her hurt foot, so I may post today's count pretty late tonight!